Monday, January 28, 2008

Northern Cali's KHOP 95-1 To Spin Mariah's New Single FIRST

so lambs we are gonna get a new single officially tomorrow...but I'm really hoping for TONIGHT! But if not Khop will have us covered with the first listen of the new Mariah single!!!

"We just heard from Mariah's team that KHOP can expect a copy of her new single Tuesday, long before other radio stations and iTunes will have it!
So be listening Tuesday for Mariah Carey's new single. And to other radio stations around the country, be ready to record it from K-HOP since you won't have it!"

I love how excited they are, its probably the biggest thing to happen to their station in a long time lol So cocky! love it..haha

source: Khop 95.1, Mariah Daily Journal

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