Thursday, October 18, 2007

Exclusive: Mariah to perform at the American Music Awards?

Hey lambs I received an email that stated the following:

American Music Awards will be filming this year on Sunday, November 18th, 2007 at the Nokia Theatre live in downtown Los Angeles, CA. It will be an arrival time of 1:00pm. The show will be live from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

Chris Brown (Feat. T-Pain): Kiss Kiss
Mariah Carey: Song TBD
Daughtry: Over You
Celine Dion: Song TBD
Duran Duran: Medley -TBD / Falling Down
Fergie / Will.I.Am / Nicole Scherzinger
Jennifer Hudson: Song TBD
Alicia Keys: Song TBD
Avril Lavigne: Song TBD
Maroon 5: Wake Up Call
Rascall Flatts: Song TBD
Rihanna (Feat: Ne-Yo): Hate That I Love You

yay Mariah could be performing her new single!

Mariah hanging around in L.A, working, and uhh with Rick Fox?

Sources (oh don't you love the unamed sources) say... that Mariah Carey was denied entry to Hyde nightclub (YEAH RIGHT!!!), and proceeded to Winston's in West Hollywood with none other than retired Laker Rick Fox! Nothing looked suspicious as he strolled in the club by himself, and moments later Ms Carey showed up with her good friend Rachel and her bodyguard Rob. (Mark Sudack? no where to be found) and insiders say they snuggled and danced in their seats to "Fantasy" and having drinks. Rick Fox exits and goes to his SUV and waits, while Mariah and her folk load back into her Bentley and roll off, with Rick Fox following close behind! Hmmmm now lambs how many rumors have we heard that come out to be so untrue. There is video footage at X17 online, but doesn't remotely show the alleged connection of Mr Fox and Ms. Carey. Rep for both say they are not dating. Mariahis just single and ready to mingle and sources say she is in L.A for work...working on a film... a little film called DON'T MESS WITHT HE ZOHAN w/ Adam Sandler. So we'll see if Mariah will be having more male callers her way!

Video here:Mariah and Rick Fox video

in other news- The ANTICIPATED "AS YET UNTITLED ALBUM" is pushed back until February 2008

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mariah in da hood!!! (okay Beverly hills)

Which means Mariah is in my town! AHHHH where dat bitch be at! She needs to holla at the folks one time! Here she is leaving AGO Restaurant in Beverly Hills after doings some shopping

Monday, October 15, 2007

No Star For Mariah this year!

So turns out that according to Hollywood Walk Of Fame people... Mariah Will not receive her coveted star on the hollywood walk of fame this year. Sorry lambs gotta wait til next year!

Email in response to pagesixvirgo:

We have not heard from her people in regards to a date. Sorry no info available at this time. Just know that it will not be this year.

Ana Martinez-Holler
Vice President, Media Relations
Hollywood Walk of Fame

Monday, October 1, 2007

More randomness from Mimi

Check out this very cute and flantastically hilarious video with Mariah and Rachel *shout outs to Raychaaalll* Shake N Bake baby haha...beaanhshaped

MC needs a Man!

Hey lambssss! My rant of this evening is about miss MC and how she just can't seem to find a good man for her when she deserves to be happy in all aspects of her life. In the past it was kind of easy to tell when Mariah is involved with someone she would just tell magazine interviewers or the press that "I don't like talking about my personal life..." or avoid the question by answering that obviously meant she was in a relationship (whether she was with Mark Sudack (ewww) or whoever... (Though...she never came clean about Mr. Sudack,but you lambs speculated it was more than friendship haha)

Now in Glamour Magazine she is talking about how love isnt for her, and blah blah blah... something tells me she is single again (I GUESS!) Whata ya think?

Glamour: You express love brilliantly in your songs... have you ever been in love?

MC: I think I've certainly romanticized relationships to believe its love. A lot of people tell me they used one of my songs on their wedding day... so I must know something about it! (laughs) But I don't know if its for me.

Glamour: Why?

MC: I'm scared of being too vulnerable. That I know for certain. Someone has to understand my struggle and my journey; to know who I am in my soul, not who I am on TV and after a long day.

Glamour: Do you believe there is such a thing as sustainable love?

MC: With a human being, I don't know, but definitely with a pet. (laughs) I don't think I've ever experienced a relationship of the caliber I write about in my love songs. There are songs I've written about certain people that its obvious I felt, "Wow, this is the real thing, this person defintely has to be for me" And it didn't turn out that way. The Butterfly album is full of them.

Glamour: Are you seeing someone special now?

MC: I don't go out much. I'm also not promicuous. If I went out with everyone the press said I did, I'd never have time to write or sing.

Glamour: Do you like dating?

MC: I don't even know what dating is.

Glamour: I've heard its when you go to dinner with a guy, he pays, and then there's pressure at the end to kiss him.

MC: (Laughs) Right. oh, I never really had that sort of date.

Glamour: Do you think you'll ever get married again?

MC: I would if I felt the other person loved the real me, or if I wanted to have children.

Glamour: It's easy to loose yourself in someone, sometimes.

MC: I wouldn't mind losing myself a little, with someone. But not right now... my life is too consuming.

Oh Lambs... MC needs a man!

It's official... this woman needs a good loving man, we need a dating reality show for Mariah PRONTO

Date a diva: finding love with Mariah Carey

Mariah Glams It Up For Glamour Magazine

Check out Mariah on the cover of the November issue of Glamour Magazine! She looks absolutely gorgeous! Mariah shows off her girlie bachlorette pad, with all the essentials in pink! Pick up your copy today! Lambs when will we know the album title and where is the single! Ahhh!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Rumor Album Title?

Sweet Soul Odyssey... could that be in fact the title of Mariah Carey's anticipated record dropping December 4th??? Some rumored singles are "What you Talkin" produced by Will i am, and "Feelin the same" produced by Jermaine Dupri. Supposedly a song called "Amazing" has leaked, but if I do get my hands on any official tracks, I shall share the wealth lambs!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

M by Mariah Carey TV Ad Premiere

M By Mariah Carey Premiere! I was hoping for more, but i do like it and I love the vocals! Ahhh lambs, what are we gonna do with our beloved Mariah! Bless her! Up next album title unvealing! We can only hope!

Flash Back Jam O' The Week: We Belong Together

Besides this being Mariah's 16th #1 hit, We Belong Together was infectious over the summer of 2005 and marked the return of THE VOICE! Though I personally think there could have been MORE to the video, it was beautifully shot by Mr. Brett Ratner and hey...this song never gets old! ENJOY you star-crossed lovers out there!

LA Reid keeping quiet about Mariah's album

Don't let anyone say that LA Reid is resting on his laurels - instead, the super record executive has lots of work on the go, all at the same time.

"I'm working on a couple of really wonderful things," he reveals.

"There's Mariah Carey and her new album. I'm really excited about it - it's going to be amazing. So I'm working on Mariah, working on Janet Jackson and I'm also working on Jay-Z. Jay-Z has an album called American Gangster, inspired by the movie of the same name, coming out - it's going to be amazing."

And he refuses to reveal anything about Mariah's new music.

"I don't know. I don't even know the title yet. We have a couple that are floating around, and I don't want to spit it out because when I say it, I want it to be the one that sticks. We're still talking about it," he added.

Well could someone please say something already, it's rather rude! Ahh Lambs will we ever get the new's we've been hoping for! This Week perhaps?

Source: Virgin Media Music

"M" Commercial World Premiere Tonight

Tune in to MTV tonight at 10:00pm EST to catch the world premiere of the much anticipated "M by Mariah Carey" television commercial!

The commercial, which will air tonight during the broadcast of MTV's mega-hit show Celebrity Rap Superstar, features Mariah in a private sunset paradise & promises to deliver all the warmth, sensuality and glamour that Mariah and her fragrance exude.

The commercial also features new vocals that Mariah created and recorded especially for this piece.

Can't Wait to see what glam Mimi will be bringing! Stay tuned!