Monday, October 15, 2007

No Star For Mariah this year!

So turns out that according to Hollywood Walk Of Fame people... Mariah Will not receive her coveted star on the hollywood walk of fame this year. Sorry lambs gotta wait til next year!

Email in response to pagesixvirgo:

We have not heard from her people in regards to a date. Sorry no info available at this time. Just know that it will not be this year.

Ana Martinez-Holler
Vice President, Media Relations
Hollywood Walk of Fame


Jeramiah said...
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Jeramiah said...

Dayum, Me and my homies Kelly, Undray, Cori, Manni, Cheryl, Marcos and a grip of other folks were really looking forward to going to that this year!

Eternally12 said...

I knowww ughhh